Mission Statement & Vision

                                                                                                (Statement of purpose)

To deliver a high standard gateway service for farmers to access welfare services as needed via referral. To work with an understanding of rural perspectives and to boost morale where possible, whilst delivering support services with total confidentiality and respect for Gippsland farming families.

Our Vision
Provide regular farm household assistance, along with linking farmers to existing welfare and support services.

Our Values
To operate with and maintain complete confidentiality for farming families
To make reaching out for help easier for those who are time challenged
To refer to existing reputable organizations where possible for the bettering of lives
To re-invest all funds collected and donated to farmers, with aid purchased from small businesses where possible
To enhance and lift the morale of our farming families and volunteers wherever possible
To encourage community regeneration wherever possible, linking rural communities to their farming families
Gippsland Farmer Relief Inc
Phone: (03) 5174 0217 Distribution Centre Address:
U1/20-22 Stratton Drive,
Traralgon, Victoria, 3844.

Postal Address:
PO Box 1588
Traralgon Vic 3844

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